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Saffron: a family business

The senses, it is said, do not only describe what surrounds us: they are, in fact, our open window on the past. Perfumes that bring us back, flavors that tell us who we were - and who we still are. Our story, as a Saffron farm, comes from here, from the dishes that accompanied our childhood, spent in our Piedmont: traditional risotto, that still feels like Sundays spent with the family, warmth, intense colors. Hence our desire to rediscover those flavors and aromas: and we do it through the simplicity and, at the same time, refinement of a unique plant, one of a kind in all of its aspects.

Because this is what we talk about when describing Saffron: a plant that is both delicate and tenacious, with flowers so fragile that they wither under the direct rays of the sun, and bulbs that defy the harshest soil and the coldest winters.

In Saffron we found a true treasure, which requires care and dedication in every moment of its growth - and which reciprocates every effort giving us an unparalleled flavor, and infinite properties precious for our health. Love and soil Starting to devote oneself to such a particular crop, completely from scratch, can be quite destabilizing. The cultivation of a dear friend of ours, Maurizio, and his precious advice of Sardinian tradition, was the push we needed: we got passionate, we followed courses, studied, touched the reality of the "red gold" in Italy. And we understood that the territory would be the key.

We live in a land that is unique in the world, generous with those who care for it, where olive trees and lemon trees equally thrive: the ancient region of Lunezia, which embraces, among others, the territories of La Spezia, Massa-Carrara and Garfagnana.

A land that takes its name from the Moon, as the coats of arms of our municipalities proudly shows. A soil that welcomed us many years ago: and we wanted to thank it by inserting that very Moon in our logo. We live in Bolano, a little village between the hills and the sea, far from the hustle and bustle of the streets, immersed in a flourishing nature untouched by smog and pesticides. This is where our children grew up. And in such a place it blooms our Saffron - to our delight, and to that of the bees, who love to buzz around the most beautiful flowers at the end of October.

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